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What I really like in your company is that whenever I face any troubles or have a question somebody’s always there to help me, be it a live chat, an e-mail service or a phone support. It looks like you do care about your customers, unlike the other companies that can only be reached by sending them e-mails that often stay unanswered.

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“I used 3 boxes of Vimax and gained 1″ length and a 1/2” in grith and noticed gains in my ejaculation amount

Andy Schwartz, California

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“My problem used to be losing an erection in the middle of a sex act. You can understand how embarrassed I used to get every time, followed by stupid excuses from me of how I had problems at work, or any other BS.

My doctor advised me to take prescription drugs and it did help me, but the cost was outrageous. I spent over $500 the last 4 months on prescriptions written by my doctor and deeply regret that I haven’t found site before.

After taking your pills I have seen an increase in my penis length and now I am able to keep my erection throughout the whole sexual act.

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“I’m very grateful to Vimax for bringing such miraculous changes to my life. Having gained 2.5 inches from the 4 months supply and became more passionate and sexually attractive, I was even able to fix the relationship with my wife (we were on the verge of the divorce) by simply having great sex with her. I feel more confident now and I’m just happy!!! Thank you so much and good luck to you.”

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Vimax Pills FAQs

Q. How fast I can see first results?

A. Majority of Vimax pills customers notice first results within first 3-4 weeks and penis growth & potency enhancement keeps improving over 4-6 months.

Q. Are results permanent?

A. If you are taking Vimax pills without interruption for 4-12 months and keep performing penis enhancement exercises that you get as a free bonus with every Vimax order, you results stay permanent.

Q. What is the maximum penis growth that I can expect with Vimax?

A. Our most successful record shows 4 inches increase in penis length and 25% growth in penis girth. The average penis growth is around 2 inches. These results are recorded during our clinical studies and come from customer feedback also.

Q. Is Vimax pills safe to use?

A. Absolutely. Vimax pills contain only the all-natural mix of ingredients that were used for male enhancement purposes for centuries. With modern science, only best performing ingredients are picked and balanced into a completely safe formula that is proven to enhance penis and improve sexual capacities. Vimax pills have NO side effects and safe to use.

Q. Why Vimax are recommended as #1 natural penis enhancement solution?

A. Vimax is a highly effective proprietary mix of potent nutrients. These ingredients are 100% natural and have incredible power in stimulating male sexual functions. You will not find such a strong blend of nutrients in any other male enhancement product. Why? Vimax pills contain highly expensive to plant compounds like Ginseng and L-agrinine, that many manufacturers don’t use in their pills. Instead, they replace these highly effective ingredients with a low cost substitutes like Yohimbe extract that are dangerous to your health.

Q. Are Vimax results guaranteed?

A. Yes we state that Vimax pills are 100% guaranteed. We are so confident in our product, that if you are not completely satisfied with results that you get, all you need is to return unused bottles within 60 days after purchase and you will receive full refund. Now men have a powerful way to increase their penis length and thickness. Why pay for rip-offs that don’t solve the problem? With Vimax results will be worth every cent you’ve spent. You get what you pay for, no strings attached. So please rest assured that authentic Vimax formula is GUARANTEED to enlarge your penis!

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