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The Dangers Of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgery for penis enlargement is costly affair but imparts permanent results. In this surgery fat cells from the other parts will be transplanted to increase length and girth of penis. But head of the penis cannot be brought in any changes in this. The results look bit irregular as length and girth will increase but head of penis will be like earlier.

All together a surgery to increase the size of penis is a process result with odd features and sometimes leads to utter failure too. First negative factor is cost, the expenses involved in total procedure ranges from $4000 to $17000. This is very costly if compared with any pills or extender for this similar purpose.

Like any other surgery this penis enlargement surgery too got its post operative risks in the form of psychological and physical nature.

Past results in penis enlargement proved as not satisfactory to many as the expected results not to the expectations.

Anesthesia during surgery result into side effects many times on the patients.

The whole media news since ages full of failed surgeries on penis enlargement as media plays responsible part of people’s lives; we must understand status through this about them.

Main biggest problem with penis surgery is resulting odd shape of penis and irregular erections and many instances erection is not stiff and straight.

During and after surgery in penis enlargement surrounding tissues are effected and damaged badly.

Many doctors do not take penis enlargement surgery on men until and unless surrounding tissues are suitable enough to undergo for surgery.

The major drawback with penis enlargement surgery is it cannot be done to each and everyone. After many tests and body conditions only suitability to undergo surgery will be decided and later the resulting benefits also cannot be given guarantee as satisfactory.

After looking through this many inconveniences for a penis enlargement surgery, taking a pill or going with penis extender are very easy, simple and cheap. More over the results are very much guaranteed in these processes. Instead of going with a troubling and no guarantee procedure it’s always better to go with pills or an extender for penis enlargement.

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